Garrun Group Covid-19 guidelines

A number of insurance related concerns have become apparent following the lockdown measures which were implemented to contain the spread of the Covid 19 virus.  

These measures have directly affected businesses which have either had to close completely or partially during lockdown.  This underlines the need to adapt your commercial insurance policies to suit the current circumstances and as a result save costs where possible.  You are therefore encouraged to contact your Garrun Representative to suitably tailor your policies and discuss your covers in detail.  There are certain elements in your policies that may be either cancelled or suitably amended during lockdown.  We have therefore attached some broad guidelines for you to consider but we do stress that these are guidelines only. They are by no means exhaustive but are general points which can form the basis of a more detailed discussion with your Garrun Representative.

Attention should be given as to when any changes are to become effective and we emphasize the need to constantly adapt and update the policies as the situation develops and lockdown restrictions are lifted.  It will also be important to eventually reinstate the cover in full when circumstances permit.

Garrun Group will do all in our power to guide you and mitigate the associated risks to your business wherever possible.

Be assured of our continued commitment to a win-win outcome during these trying times.

Thank you for your continued and loyal support.