Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us. Please do spare a moment to check on small things that will help that your holiday season will be one without any repercussions.

1.   Motor vehicles

Take your vehicle for a safety check e.g. tyres, battery, oil leaks, wheel bearings, shocks, lights, windscreen wipers etc.
The above is also relevant to trailers and caravans which is normally in storage for the long periods during the year. Make sure that it is insured.
Whilst travelling do take regular breaks to relax and unwind.
If your policy is on a named driver basis and driving will be shared during the holiday, let your broker arrange the necessary cover.
Do not drink and drive – apart from putting lives at risk it is a policy exclusion. No cover!
Overloading – steering, road-holding and braking is compromised.

2.   House buildings and contents

Alarm system – ensure that it is in a working order and activated. With load shedding a certainty, ensure that your alarm battery back-up is in good standing.
Mail & papers – arrange for mail and daily papers to be collected and cancel delivery of papers where possible.
Advise your neighbours that you will be away and if possible get a trusted house sitter.
Ensure that your sums insured is current and up to date.
Remember to add gifts such as i-Pads, watches, jewellery, laptops etc.
Lock all valuables in a safe.
Do not leave baggage and valuables in an unattended vehicle.
Do not take valuables to the beach or other recreational areas and do not leave it unattended.
Be aware of “remote jamming” make sure your vehicle is locked before leaving the vehicle.
Do not advertise your holiday plans on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

3.   Cyber crime (The Citizen 10.12.18)

South Africa had the third largest number of cybercrime victims worldwide losing ± R2.2 billion a year to cyber attacks according to the South African Banking Risk Information Centre of which ± R250 million occurred through banking applications, online banking and mobile banking.

Tips to use this festive season:

  • Do not use your social media profiles to log into other accounts.
  • Do not click on any random links.
  • Do not respond to random e-mails claiming you have won a prize or inherited money – delete it immediately.
  • Be extra cautious when using WI-Fi hotspots. Some scammers falsify popular hotspots.
  • Using strong passwords with a variety of upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers.
  • Type in the URL for your bank in the internet browser if you need to access your bank’s webpage.
  • Make sure you are on the real website before using any personal information. If you suspect you might have fallen victim, contact your bank immediately.

If in doubt please contact your local Garrun Broker.